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Port infrastructure benefiting sea life: Living Ports featured in the Danish magazine 'Geografisk Orientering'

Updated: Mar 5

Juvenile fish swimming next to an ecological sea wall
Photograph by Maria Moltesen

Maria Moltesen, Postdoc DTU AQUA, Tim Wilms, Postdoc DTU AQUA, and Jon C. Svendsen, Senior researcher DTU AQUA, from consortium partner the Denmark Technical University collaborated on this scientific article in 'Geografisk Orientering'.

The article discusses the Living Ports project in Vigo, Spain, whose monitoring is led by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Aqua), which aims to enhance marine biodiversity by designing harbor infrastructures that support underwater life, using submerged concrete structures and underwater cameras to monitor and promote marine biodiversity.

From the article: 'In northwestern Spain, a large EU project is installing new types of harbors to provide better conditions for marine biodiversity. Traditionally, harbors were mostly designed for sailing with ferries, freight transport and other industry. But now the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Aqua) is involved in a project where we investigate whether a harbor can be designed so that life thrives under the water's surface. We are investigating the possibilities of underwater cameras in Spain. We are also looking more closely at whether similar new port types can be installed.'

Download the original article in Danish:

Moltesen et al., 2023_Geografisk_orientering_Living_Ports_project_in_Vigo
Download PDF • 470KB

Download the article in English (Google translation):

Moltesen et al., 2023_Geografisk_orientering_Living_Ports Project_Vigo_ENGLISH
Download PDF • 2.21MB

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