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Workshop: Development of Blue Biodiversity in Urban Harbors and Environments

Denmark Technical University (DTU) is inviting international professionals to a full day workshop around artificial structures and marine biodiversity in harbors and urban environments. Limited number of attendees - sign up now.

Traditionally, engineers design structures for their primary purpose and ease of maintenance, not to facilitate the integration into existing habitats. Even though environmental impact assessments become increasingly relevant in project development and approval. Due to climate change, biodiversity loss together with coastal hardening, and increased use of marine habitats for leisure activities, marine habitats are getting increasingly into the focus of public attention.

Creating Habitat AND Meeting Engineering Standards

At the same time, we do not as a research field know enough about creating or rehabilitating habitats with minimal environmental impact from construction and materials while supporting biodiversity and robustness of the existing ecosystems. Hence, we must expect construction projects, such as harbor fronts, and cityscapes, but also offshore wind farms or energy islands that will be built on unprecedented scales to aid the green transition, to incorporate technologies and strategies for ecosystem support.

International Workshop - Sign Up Now

This international, one-day workshop intends to promote information exchange and discussions on impact assessments, design principles for marine infrastructures, and measurement approaches to verify successful implementation.

  • This event is open for submissions of abstracts for talks and posters

  • Please note, space is limited.

For up-to date details and to sign up to attend, please visit the official event page:

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