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The Living Ports Project - Blue Infrastructure at the Port of Vigo - Case Study

We are excited to share progress on the Living Ports project at the Port of Vigo, an initiative backed by the EU Horizon 2020 program. Our consortium, led by ECOncrete, is actively demonstrating how port infrastructure can align with environmental conservation goals, foster marine biodiversity, and engage the local community.

This initiative features the installation of ECOncrete nature-positive quay walls and ECOncrete Coastalock single-layer coastal armor at the Bouzas revetment. These installations not only protect the shoreline but also promote marine life, as evidenced by our ongoing biological monitoring efforts. These studies show a thriving diverse marine ecosystem on both the seawalls and coastal armor, highlighting the ecological uplift provided by our solutions.

An exciting component of this project is the Nautilus underwater observatory, which has drawn nearly 30,000 visitors within its first seven months. This facility serves as a vital community engagement space, allowing visitors to witness firsthand the benefits of nature-inclusive marine infrastructure.

The construction and monitoring of these installations have been a collaborative effort. The underwater observatory was constructed by Cardama Shipyard, a member of the consortium, using local labor and contractors. Monitoring activities, led by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), have begun to quantify the environmental benefits of our installations, including a separate study on the impact on underwater noise pollution.

Learn more about how the Port of Vigo is transforming into a model for sustainable port infrastructure, with detailed insights are available in the following case studies:

Further details can also be found on the ECOncrete website and we are proud to announce that this innovative project has been recognized with the IAPH Sustainability Award, underscoring the global relevance and impact of our work in ecological port development.

We invite you to explore these resources and join us in celebrating how the Living Ports project is setting new standards for sustainable and community-focused infrastructure.

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