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Living Ports Wins 2023 Atlantic Project Award

Monday 16 October 2023, Port of Vigo, SpainThe Atlantic Project Awards feature outstanding initiatives, successful collaborations and achievements relevant to the implementation of the Atlantic Action Plan 2.0. This year, five awards were granted as recognition of the projects’ outstanding performance.

Living Ports won the award in the category of Atlantic Ports, which recognizes projects, initiatives and actions that feature ports as gateways ​and hubs for the blue economy ​and/or catalysts for business​ in the Atlantic.​

From the announcement: 'The Living Ports project is a groundbreaking initiative in port sustainability, with innovative technology designed to foster the development of rich and diverse marine life as part of coastal marine infrastructures such as seawalls, breakwaters and urban piers.'

Achieved Results:

  • Cost-effective, scalable innovation applied to the very traditional concrete industry. Maintenance cost savings, more durable and resistant;

  • Enrichment of marine systems

  • Reduction of noise pollution in the port by up to 50%

  • Acts as a carbon sink (each square meter of ECOncrete infrastructure absorbs around 120g of carbon annually)

  • The underwater observatory “NAUTILUS”, launched in March 2023, has already attracted more than 30,000 visitors.

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