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Biology development

As of the end of 2023, marine biology has begun to develop on the Living Ports infrastructure and newly released monitoring data reveals thriving ecosystems.


As part of their monitoring strategy, DTU is employing a camera-based approach allowing them to document the effects of the bio-enhancing concrete on fish abundance and biodiversity.

Long-term, it is expected that the eco-engineered infrastructures installed in this project will enhance local biodiversity by creating well-defined local ecosystems that mimic natural rock pools and other important ecological niches.

As the months go by, the results of the biodiversity tracking and monitoring will provide further evidence on the ecological value of nature inclusive port infrastructures. DTU scientists have already completed two monitoring inspections of the project and four more are planned until the end of the project in May 2024.

Marine life on the Site 1 Portocultura seawall installations, 3 & 6 month monitoring
Marine life on the Site 2 Bouzas Coastalock tidal armor installations
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