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Blue Flag and Public Outreach in the Living Ports Project

Blue Flag and Living Ports are partnering to change how working waterfronts impact local marine ecosystems and coastal communities. Blue Flag is an internationally recognized voluntary award recognizing environmental, educational, safety, and accessibility elements in waterfronts.

Alongside ECOncrete’s bio-enhancing concrete installations at the Port is the first of its kind underwater observatory, the Nautilus, built by Cardama Shipyards. The observatory will provide the public with a subsurface view of marine life, the port's traffic, and ECOncrete’s bio-enhancing quay-wall. Blue Flag is informing the content to be displayed for visitors to meaningfully connect with the local marine environment through the topics of biodiversity, noise pollution, and local bathymetry.

“We formed ECOncrete with the grand vision of changing the way future waterfronts will look and function. Our technology allows for responsible coastal and marine construction, and brings back important ecosystem services to the waterfronts of cities and ports worldwide,” says ECOncrete CEO, Ido Sella. “In partnership with Blue Flag, we can reach a wider audience of ocean users, and educate the next generation on the importance of supporting natural resources in urbanized and working waterfronts.

The collaboration between Living Ports Project and Blue Flag will advance the cause of bringing ecological considerations and awareness to coastal infrastructure across the world.

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